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Graduate Diploma in Law

University of Mannheim
Master of Administrative Sciences

Speyer University
DHV Speyer
AngersDiploma in French & International Law

Université d'Angers
LL.M. in Information Technology and Telecommunications Law

University of Strathclyde in Glasgow
University of Strathclyde in Glasgow

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Early works still being pirated after all these years (decades actually)... - true fame or what? ;-)

Current issues of IT law...

CC Creative Commons Licence validated in Amsterdam court.
BlackBerry Research In Motion (RIM) settles patent litigation with NTP Inc. for US$612.5 million.
P2P U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit applies Betamax rule to the peer-to-peer age (PDF).
Commentary by Edward Felten and Cory Doctorow.
GPL Munich District Court finds GPL enforceable (PDF).
NorwayDeCSS: Jon Johansen's acquittal on all counts confirmed on prosecution's appeal. NEW
U.S. Supreme CourtEldred v. Ashcroft: U.S. Supreme Court rejects challenge (Lessig) of "Sonny Bono" Copyright Term Extension Act (Breyer & Stevens dissenting).
US DMCAElcomSoft acquitted of copyright charges under the DMCA.
Creative CommonsCreative Commons (chaired by Lawrence Lessig) launches its Licensing Project.
DRMUS Congress: CBDTPA bill to make "Digital Rights Management" compulsory in Consumer Electronics devices.
LSQFrance adopts new LSQ "daily security" law with last-minute amendments, severely restricting privacy, civil liberties and cryptography, while considerable doubt subsists as to its constitutionality, as asserts NGOs' Open Letter to the French parliament.
"PATRIOT Act" "PATRIOT Act of 2001" (Provide Approriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism), "Terrorism Bill" (formerly known as "ATA") recommended by US House of Representatives Commitee on the Judiciary to be signed into law ("USA") despite constitutionality concerns.
Civil liberties European Council adopts counter-terrorism framework (PDF) while NGOs' Open Letter calls for restraint in revoking privacy and civil liberties.
Surveillance Third draft of German telecommunications surveillance bill
with annotations by the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology.
Software patents The controversy on software patents: Sites of the European Patent Office and their critics.
Vos papiers ! New French "Liberty of Communication" law of June 28, 2000 introduces compulsory identification prior to any exercise of the right to free speech on-line, hence forces "Free Web Hosting" providers with no commercial interest out of their non-profit "business".
CAFE Coverage of the DVD trials by the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Campaign for Audiovisual Free Expression.
CB craquée? Banking smart card cracked? Security of French Carte Bleue system allegedly compromised.
Serge Humpich sentenced to 10 months on probation: Coverage of the trial.NEW - Summary in English.
The Somm Case The Somm Case: Former German CompuServe chairman acquitted.
District Court United States of America v. Microsoft Corporation:
The Findings of Fact
- NEW Five years later: Comments on the case by Andrew Chin
Freedom for Links "Freedom for Links" - A German site for citizens' rights at the frontiers of Cyberspace.
France Changes to telecommunications law voted by French parliament on May 27, 1999 in response to affair (reviewed below).
"Site des étudiants étrangers" has come back on-line on these news.
Fight SPAMVote against SPAM: The European on-line petition.
Defaite French "Free Web Hosting" provider ALTERN.ORG held responsible for more than 300.000 FRF in damages by Paris Court of Appeals for illicit content uploaded without his knowledge by a user.
Comments by Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the European Parliament's Committee on Legal Affairs and Citizens' Rights .
Big Brother? "Author Profiling" - Enter your name to see if "Big Brother" is logging you:
(See the Deja News "Policies" page for their position on Usenet Privacy.)
Chain LettersChain Letters - an illegal nuisance.
WIPO WIPO press release No. 106 on the Diplomatic Conference on Certain Copyright and Neighboring Rights Questions.
The HRRC's comments on the results of the Diplomatic Conference.
PC-ONLiNE PC-ONLiNE - NetLaw (1996-2000 archive of German Q&A by Tobias H. Strömer.)

These links are legal... ;-)

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Datenbaustelle im Cyberspace ;-)

How could the legal stuff be missing, especially on a site that started as a law student's homepage...

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